You make miso happy, I roe you very much.
You make miso happy, I roe you very much.

Hi I'm Angela from Singapore.

I write poems sometimes.

Other times I post cute people, pretty things/places and funny stuff.

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I hate how
I can’t love myself enough
To love you less.

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All I wish
Is to rid of the words
You always left
On the tip of my tongue.

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Coming to a conclusion that I rightfully should
No longer believe in fate and destiny,
For if you could ever feel the way I wish you would,
I wouldn’t need the heavens to assure me.

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A man’s love
Is as clear as day -
If he doesn’t love you,
He’ll stay away.

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"Don’t get your hopes up,"
I always tell myself, but
I never listen.

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Sadness holds us down
The way a boulder would - 
We can only be freed
When we have become stronger.

Happiness in our hands
Feels the way a feather should -  
One blow and off it goes,
Making our hearts grow fonder.

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Being good enough
Is such a hard thing to be
When it is for you.

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It’s for the Best

You get what you deserve and
I don’t deserve you at all.
If we were one together,
I’d become your only flaw.

I can’t hold your hand
Or shower you with my affections
For fear that I’d stain you
With all my little imperfections.

We were meant for different worlds;
We’re different people, you and I.
Hard as it is to walk away,
It’s time I say goodbye.

It’s not a crippling self-esteem
Or some peculiar kind of crazy;
It’s just sometimes you realise
You shouldn’t get to be that happy.

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Life Lessons

Eighteen years and it’s a fact
I never learned just how to act.

I only know life has ridden me
Of innocence and naïvety.
And there are times I shouldn’t ask
Feign interest and wear a mask.

I should never show my face
Or expose the world for its bitter taste.
And going against the status quo
Will only leave me quite alone.

And sometimes when I need someone
I’ll find out then they’ve all moved on.
Thus so should I, move on with life
Continue on with my disguise.

Eighteen years and it’s a fact
All I learned was that I can’t act.

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kpk, complicate

kpk, complicate

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I wish to see your name when I hear my phone ring
Or be able to call you but not say a thing
Because of how close we are, and how close we could be
Or better yet, I wish I had you next to me.

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A haiku for Seth’s new sleeveless-ness.
As we say hello 
To Seth’s arms, we bid goodbye 
To my ovaries. 
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Something about him made him more than a crush
More than a lover that could turn me to mush.
Something about him that I must commend
More than anything, he was a true friend.

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Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson  #tylerknott


Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson #tylerknott

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"Not ready to let go" by me.



"Not ready to let go" by me.


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