You make miso happy, I roe you very much.
You make miso happy, I roe you very much.

Hi I'm Angela from Singapore.

I write poems sometimes.

Other times I post cute people, pretty things/places and funny stuff.

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You said your days were getting darker
And so I lit a candle bright,
But it’s hard lighting up a room
When you’re stuck outside.

I could make you feel much better
If you didn’t shut your door so tight.

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thethingsispeak said: hi! i'm a fellow writer and i would love for you to check out my work. i also give writing advice on my blog, so if you are interested in any of that feel free to follow me. :) thanks.

Good stuff! :) Followed!

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If love was the lightning that struck me,
You are the thunder -
Assuring me that I am indeed,
Still very much alive.

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I will miss you more tomorrow 
Than I missed you today. 
It’s so hard to forget about you 
And let the leaves fall where they may.
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four things (by k.p.k)

four things (by k.p.k)

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When my mind finally went quiet
In a world that screamed too loud,
What a shock it was to discover
You were all I thought about.

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I don’t want to miss you
Yearning shouldn’t be a feeling
I shouldn’t want to kiss you
This poem shouldn’t hold any meaning.

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you’ve been there (k.p.k)

you’ve been there (k.p.k)

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Anonymous said: Stop pushing people away.

Actually, I’m not. I’m seeking professional help and being selective in who I’m letting in. Because they’re the ones who know what they’re talking about and the ones who can help. 

I love my family and friends, but I don’t want them involved in this. At all.

Words need to be carefully crafted. Words like yours affect me in a bad way. And the worse it gets, the further I’ll stay. I understand there’s good intentions here, but they’re only going to - and actually are - making me feel worse.

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Our moments alone
Will help keep me together 
When it falls apart.

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… I guess it was a killer joke, eh Tony? :D

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There is nothing I would rather
Than to be significant enough
To be your other.

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